Sendokai is an authorized study group practicing Meishi-ha Mugai ryu iaihyodo under the guidance of Tony Alvarez sensei, the North American representative for Meishi-ha Mugai ryu. Mugai ryu is a koryu (classical) Japanese sword art which was originally codified by Tsuji Gettan in 1693.

We practice and teach according to the teachings of Niina Gyokudo, Soke (Headmaster) of the Meishi Branch of the style and founder of the Suimokai in Tokyo, Japan. The Suimokai is an organization founded by Niina Gyokudo Gosoke for the purpose of disseminating the classical martial arts he teaches. He is 20th generation Soke, Menkyo Kaiden, 9th Dan of Mugai Ryu as well as Menkyo Kaiden (highest classical certification possible) in Shindo Muso Ryu Jojutsu and Uchida Ryu Tanjojutsu. He also holds Hanshi Licenses in several classical disciplines.

The name Sendokai translates as “leading the way of seizing the initiative.” It is from the term sen no sen that this philosophy of taking the initiative in battle or in life comes from, and it is a core principle behind all of the training and teaching within the Sendokai dojo.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Sendokai dojo must submit a written request using the Contact link.

An interview will be scheduled at that time to determine if the prospective member will be accepted.

All dojo fees will be discussed at that time also.

Sendokai Dojo Schedule

Monday   6:30 pm — 9:30 pm       Kata, kumitachi